What service is Snippod?

A topic exploration service where content is gathered using #hashtag

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Snippod contains all the popular information on the Internet, including news, YouTube, blogs, and communities. It's also really related to the tagged topic, more popular, and up-to-date!  

Follow your interests

Follow hot information in each field you are interested in by #hashtag and receive it all at once on ‘My Feed’.

Hashtags by real topics that connect and spread

Rather than providing ordinary #hashtags, we provide a powerful #hashtag pod with a tree structure. Now it is no longer ‘#travel, #overseas travel, #Europe travel, #France travel, #Paris travel… There is no need to list related tags individually like '! In Snippot, with just one tag ‘#ParisTravel’ you can get all related tags such as ‘#FranceTravel, #EuropeTravel, #OverseasTravel, #Travel’ all in one place!

Find the #hashtag pod you are interested in.

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